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Travel, tourism & leisure

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The Travel, tourism and leisure industry is undergoing dramatic change.

It’s down to the invention of new technologies and the sharing economy, which have given customers flexibility, control and new expectations. There’s also been a shift in the pattern of demand.

It’s a complex environment. Fast-moving. And the industry is responding. It’s engaging more with customers and integrating technology into revised business models.

This shift to a consumer-led economy brings challenges and opportunities for the industry. Dynamic businesses need to move with speed and purpose if they want to capitalise on such opportunities. We can help deliver your strategies to succeed in this rapidly changing sector.

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Why Bernoni Grant Thornton?

Drawing on our sector knowledge, we can help you navigate the changing business environment for Travel, tourism & leisure companies.

We understand the global economic cycle and the trends in this industry, from social media and online travel agent impacts, to new age consumers, green operations and emerging market challenges.

We take a proactive and collaborative approach, working alongside you in order to understand your challenges, your growth ambitions and your commercial context. Our advice is tailored, responsive and agile.

So whether you are looking to scenario plan, manage costs, create flexible organisations or finance growth, we’ll dig deep to find a relevant, pragmatic solution that works for you.

Our solutions

Our teams provide services tailored to the industry, including working with you to:

  • manage change programmes led by new market regulations
  • provide procurement advice for supply chain optimisation
  • undertake feasibility studies and business plans
  • conduct a review of information technology systems
  • develop channel and pricing strategy
  • carry out operational re-structuring/business model optimisation

 To learn more about our travel, tourism and leisure services contact Alessandro Dragonetti.