Building a future in a shifting market.

In a market where businesses operate with a 30-year outlook, change is rarely spectacular or sudden. Yet there’s no doubt that important shifts are underway in insurance.

As insurers observe the disruptive trends reshaping many industries, they are right to ask whether they will see the same in their own sector. The answer is almost certainly ‘yes’, although the pace of change will be slower than elsewhere.

In this environment, insurers must be alert to the challenges that lie ahead. New opportunities beckon in emerging economies, where GDP per head and spend on insurance is rising. Big data holds promise too, giving insurers a new tool for assessing risk and improving profitability.

Yet these opportunities are emerging against a backdrop of tougher regulation, the requirement to invest heavily in technology and a broader downturn in profitability.

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Why Bernoni Grant Thornton?

At Bernoni Grant Thornton, our experts provide the clear insight insurers need to respond effectively to these strategic challenges in today’s evolving regulatory context.

The global network which we are member of covers over 130 countries, providing on-the-ground experience to help you expand into and develop your business in new territories. Our teams are led by experienced partners who will work closely with you to help your business flourish. 

Our solutions

We understand that every business has unique goals and faces a diverse set of challenges. Our solutions meet your needs.

  • ensuring regulation compliance, resolving non-compliance
  • modelling risk and monitoring exposure
  • operational and financial transformation to reduce cost, improve efficiencies and grow revenue
  • data management and modelling
  • fraud identification, management and resolution
  • implementing cost effective, efficient international tax structures

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