CSR day 2017 supporting SOS Bambini and A Passo d’Asino

Again this year, Bernoni Grant Thornton has been promoting the CSR day, supporting SOS Bambini and A Passo d’Asino.

The Grant Thornton CSR Day 2017 took place on 14 and 15 September, when our people will come together and collaborate to raise awareness of CSR and share experiences to show how we unlock the potential for growth in our local communities.

The people of Bernoni Grant Thornton met on 15 September in a park in Milan with the volunteers of SOS Bambini (an association providing child care facilities for pre-school kids, besides other activities) and of A Passo d'Asino (an association providing pet therapy services) for a walk in the park with children and donkeys.


CSR Day September 15 2017